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The Lip Crew

Josephine Mandarano (Editor-in-Chief)

Josephine Mandarano is a twenty-something Melburnian who spends her nine-to-five knee-deep in the busy world of educational publishing. She reads (everything), writes (words, mostly), collects books (600-and-something at last count), and spends too much time inside her head (and on Instagram). A self-professed word nerd, her remarks about our glorious language were quoted in the 2009 Victorian Certificate of Education English Language Exam – strange, but true. Her friends might describe her as a ranting Feminist who can be found, most days, sitting atop her metaphorical soapbox.

Ruby Mahoney (Editorial Assistant / Memoir Editor)

Ruby is a reader and writer hailing from coastal Victoria, now living in Sydney. Her main passions are couscous and creative nonfiction. Online, she generally publishes memoir. In person, she likes to rant about sexuality, political agendas and certain women’s magazines. CV-relevant information: Ruby has recently achieved First Class Honours in creative writing at RMIT, and is now studying to become an English teacher.



lauren strickland

Lauren Strickland (Film Editor)

Lauren Strickland is a born-and-bred Canberran who recently did what all born-and-bred Canberrans do: leave. She now lives in Sydney, where she misses “proper” cold weather and hoards the results of her book-buying addiction. She has grand writing plans that all depend on securing the perfect pseudonym. Her proudest moment was the day she got up the courage to answer ‘I’m a writer’ when someone asked her what she did. Her second proudest moment was not hitting them when they followed up with, ‘But what will you do for a real job?’ She blogs at

Bridget Conway (Art, Theatre + Fashion Editor)

Bridget Conway is originally from America and moved to Sydney on her own at the ripe age of 18. She double majored in English and Theatre at UNSW, then underwent an Honours year specialising in Australian literature, which engaged with animal rights and feminist liberation. She is also a self-proclaimed nerd who loves all things sci-fi and has taken that love to heart this year by starting a PhD focusing on the same themes as her Honours thesis, but in sci-fi form. She enjoys writing (of course), watching movies, eating ice cream, going for long walks (by the beach is suitable) and drinking Bloody Marys on hot summer nights, and tea on cold winter nights. She used to work as a florist but has now moved on to a fancy new office job – growing up can be fun indeed

sarah iulianoSarah Iuliano (Features Editor)

Sarah Iuliano is a journalism student at the University of Newcastle. Her belief in the power of communication and the necessity of feminism led her to Lip in April, 2013. She enjoys coining awful nicknames for friends, drinking vino, and having longwinded rants on the beach at sunset … sometimes all at once.

Kaylia Payne (Writer)

Kaylia is a career student who is currently doing her MA in Professional Writing. She likes tea, dancing, summer and singing out of tune. She hates the cold, which is unfortunate because she lives in chilly Canberra. She is opinionated about all political and social issues (some would say a little too much) and will remain forever uncool due to her unhealthy obsession with both college rock and cats. A student/office assistant by day and a blogger by night, she dreams of one day having a job where she doesn’t need to wear shoes to work.


m Junene Taylor (Writer)

Junene is an outspoken and opinionated writer, blogger, editor and media enthusiast from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the founder and current Editor-in-chief of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania chapter of the online magazine has been a lover of words since birth. She is a fan of feminism, food, and life-long learning. When she’s not pretending to write the next Great American Novel, Junene spends her time toying with the idea of going to grad school and entering the realm of public policy.


DSC04962Shannon Clarke (Writer)

Shannon is a writer and feminist from Toronto, Canada, currently chipping away at a journalism degree and economics minor. She discovered Lip on Twitter and has been contributing since August 2012. Her interests include news, social justice, pop culture, and intersectional feminist criticism. She is also a big fan of the Oxford comma.

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