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ep review: closer, thief


Thief’s Closer is the type of EP you can listen to over and over, without ever growing tired of the sounds. It is rare to see an artist transition from one style of music to another so flawlessly, but Thief has done just that. A synthesizer and a broken heart have coupled together to create this brilliant side project from PJ Wolf. Short, sweet and full of depth, Closer radiates catchy electro pop perfection with smooth honey dipped vocals.

First track ‘Closer’ opens with a shimmering synth, simplistic beat and defiant lyrics. A well-constructed contrast between the lyrical content and music will have you wanting to dance, while singing the lyrics like his heartbreak is your own. Second single, ‘Broken Boy’ is yet another juicy mix of synth sequences and suspenseful harmonies. Minimalistic is one word to describe Thief’s songwriting, but it’s so cleverly crafted that it makes you appreciate the space.

Thief’s vocal style switches between a Gotye-mixed-with-Justin Timberlake tone to a Chet Faker-turned-R&B style. This can be heard in ‘Don’t Believe You’ with sharp edgy verses and a clean chorus. Polished production was definitely necessary in order to craft the tight sound that Thief and producer Matt Redlich have successfully created. ‘Cold’ features a full texture of rhythms and samples, with Thief’s reverb enriched falsetto harmonies filling the space. Thief has well and truly made his mark with Closer, and it will prove to be an offering that demands attention from the music industry.


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