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ep review: ied, pataphysics


There is a quality in the music on Pataphysic’s second EP IED that separates it from the usual Aussie hip hop that fills our airwaves. It may be the way Pat Marks knows his way around a melody, or the rhythms steeped in gentle 70’s vibes, or the lyrics that mean something, but whatever it is, it makes IED a breath of fresh air.

The EP opens with single ‘Breathe In’ and immediately a laidback beat provides a canvas for Pat’s easy cadence. The hook rolls over listeners and it is the perfect introduction to this piece of quality hip hop. On ‘Same Shit’, his skills as a rapper are evident, as is his social conscious, one that dictates the majority of his work.  Pat is the Music and Arts coordinator of R.I.S.E, the man behind the music for SBS’ Legally Brown and a regular face at music workshops for disadvantaged youths, so social advocacy is never far from his mind. A pulsing beat gives way to percussion and then frenzied rapping, the breezy melody contrasting sharply with lyrics like ‘and if you don’t care about refugees who suffer, then you probably want to keep Australia white, you stupid fucker’.

‘Comply’ is next, and a jazz infused melody meets intelligent lyrics, ones that demand you think about them. ‘Rhythm’ has a beachy hook that almost could be called reggae, made all the more interesting by layers of instruments that unfold themselves slowly. ‘Cloaked Guerilla’ brings the EP to a close and once again, we have lyrical content that demands multiple listens. Pat’s passion shines through on tracks like this. He’s making music for a reason, and that reasons seems to be to get people to think, while giving a voice to causes close to his heart. This motivation couples with an irresistible flow and a sonically pleasing blend of hip hop, jazz, soul and reggae, to create a sound that’s as unique as it is important.

IED launches tonight at The Worker’s Club, Fitzroy

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