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film review: american pie reunion

The popular franchise that launched teenage sex comedy films around the world is back, and it is armed with a fistful of nudity and toilet humour. The eighth instalment, American Pie: Reunion brings the original class of ’99 back together for the weekend (over a decade after the events of 1999’s American Pie) for their high school reunion.

Things have changed drastically for the gang since we last saw them. Jim (Jason Briggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are still married but are raising their young son; Oz (Chris Klein) is now a famous TV personality (and has decided to make an appearance this time, after his still unexplained absence from the third film); Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is off doing goodness knows what in his trademark manner, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is now happily married (and bearded); and the fan favourite, Steve (Seann William Scott), more commonly known as Stifler, still appears to be living in a disillusioned state as a borderline sex pest, despite his new adult surroundings. Ok, not everything has changed!

One thing that certainly hasn’t altered is the characters’ uncanny ability to get themselves into awkward, self-depreciating situations. But this creates somewhat of a dilemma as they are now well past the first flush of adulthood, and what was funny then, does not quite translate to grown men in 2012.

More could have been done to develop the characters as they are now, instead of rehashing the high school environment of the original films, and inviting their personalities to backtrack also. The acting and editing was commendable and the film’s sentiments are admirable, but the script just doesn’t feel quite right this time.

This film is enjoyable and will have audiences laughing hard at times, but often the comedy is forced and in comparison to the original trilogy, the memorable moments are few and far between.

Don’t go into this film with high expectations. Just let maturity and comparison take a back seat for the night. This is a film long-time fans eager for one more slice will certainly enjoy, but for those new to the series, be sure to begin the experience with the originals.

4 thoughts on “film review: american pie reunion

  1. Haven’t seen it yet. It looks funny. I’m guessing you’re a big fan of the films, the fact that they are trying to scrape more money out of the franchise almost guarentees its going to be a massive letdown.

  2. Fantastic review!!! I laughed a little but all in all true a huge let down :( still great review you raise some solid points.

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