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interview: owl eyes and stonefield

The Line Campaign, a government initiative that promotes respectful relationships among Australian youths, was launched in 2010, with the pledged support of Lisa Mitchell, Pez, Maya Jupiter and Tenielle. Two years later, Melbourne songstress Brooke Addamo, under the moniker of Owl Eyes, and Victorian rock band Stonefield, have pledged their support to the campaign too.

‘It’s a good message to convey,’ says Addamo. ‘I think respect is an important part of yourself, it is a great message to spread, especially knowing when to draw the line.’

Stonefield’s drummer and lead vocalist, Amy Findlay, and Brooke Addamo, aka Owl Eyes, are calling from The Mushroom Music Office in Sydney to talk to lipmag about their upcoming tour, Winter Road Trip, in support of The Line Campaign and what respect means to them.

‘The Line campaign wasn’t something we were aware of when we were approached,’ explains Addamo, but the musicians quickly assure us they support the campaign whole-heartedly.

‘We’ve done a lot of reading,’ says Findlay, enthusiastically mentioning that The Line now has an iPhone app.

The Line Campaign was a recommendation presented in 2009 by Time for Action: The National Council’s Place, to reduce violence against women and children in Australia. The next year, at the Annual Song Summit in Sydney, the campaign was launched by Former Minister for the Status of Women, Hon. Tanya Plibersek.

Its website offers a range of forums, an online magazine, interviews with musicians, polls, and even an online chat session every Wednesday night from 7pm – 9pm to discuss topics chosen by the members of the site. Issues discussed include: sexting, cyber-bullying, respectful relationships with parents, and a plethora of other issues. With links to other resources such as Kids Help Line, The Line is a fantastic support network for the promotion and education of respectful relationships.

Both Owl Eyes and Stonefield believe that disrespect can be rectified through education, which is what The Line offers.

‘It’s relatable and it’s not preaching,’ says Findlay. ‘My sisters are still in high school and are surrounded by the issues The Line talks about. It’s very relatable to us.’

Stonefield comprises the Findlay sisters, ranging from their early teens to early twenties. They won the Triple J Unearthed High Content in 2010 for their song ‘Foreign Lover’ and recently released their second EP Bad Reality. The EP displays a more mature blend of rock, as Stonefield defines their own sound, and so far it’s received a positive reception overall. Stonefield are currently working on their debut album due for release early next year.

‘What you write changes quite a lot as you get older,’ explains Findlay.

Owl Eyes agrees, then speaks about her debut album that is due for release this October: ‘I’ve grown up a lot.’ Addamo explains that her previous EPs acted as medium to experiment with her sound and discover what she wanted to write about.

Owl Eyes first broke into the music scene with her enrapturing single ‘Raiders’, a delightful pop song that earned spot #64 on last year’s Triple J’s Hottest 100. Her recently released single, ‘Crystalised’, exhibits a more refined, electronic sound and Addamo assures us that her upcoming album is more reflective of who she is.

‘Our music is our creation,’ remarks Addamo and explains that music label, Wunderkind, shares the same view. Stonefield and Owl Eyes are both signed with Wunderkind, which formed a joint partnership with The Mushroom Music Label earlier this year. Mushroom Music is Australia’s largest independent music label boasting a collection of artists including the Rubens, Husky and Lanie Lane.

Their upcoming tour, Winter Road Trip, is an opportunity for Owl Eyes and Stonefield to tour Australia while promoting something they’re passionate about.

The Winter Road Trip tour kicks off in Ballarat on August 1; you can find the details for all shows on the facebook event page! Tickets are on sale now.

By Avrille Bylok-Collard

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