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q&a: eliza hull

Singer/songwriter and Lip favourite, Eliza Hull, has been on the Melbourne music circuit for several years now, and is finally releasing her debut EP – to rave reviews!

She had a chat to us about the EP, her female musician role models, and staying inspired!

Tell us about your EP – how do you want people to feel after listening to it?
My debut EP is titled Dawn. Dawn, because it’s the beginning, and is the start of my musical self. I am so excited for this to finally be out. I have been working on the EP for three years so it’s just so great for people to be listening to it. I have just started getting some comments from people and it’s wonderful to hear people’s favourite song, or what they think. I want people to feel something from it when listening. Just any feeling.

We all have a band/singer/artist who feeds us much-needed inspiration, who is yours?
If I had to choose one singer, I would choose Bjork.  She is so inspiring in every way. The way she pushes boundaries and her voice is so guttural and from the heart. She is an artist that doesn’t seem to worry about what people think, she is the only one that needs to connect with what she produces.

How would you sum up your years in Describe Eliza?
Fun! A big learning curve also. I loved performing in Describe Eliza. I think a lot of people connected with that band because we were about creating a fun, party atmosphere where people could let go. We all still keep in contact, and Leigh and Jono from the band produced this EP for me so I feel this is just an extension of that time.

How and when did you start playing music?  How has your songwriting process changed as you and your music have evolved? What inspires you?
I started singing at five, and I never stopped. I loved performing for family concerts and when an older friend of the family died, she donated her piano to me. I then started writing on the piano and wrote my first song when I was about fifteen. My music has evolved more so recently than ever, I am starting to take more control of my music, writing more on my own and developing the ideas on my own. I am enjoying this freedom. Inspiration comes in lots of forms, I get inspired by things that happen in my life, love, my window overlooking the park, my typewriter, cups of tea, my job at the poetry centre and others’ music.

Who would you most like to collaborate and/or tour with?
I would love to write and tour with Guy Garvey from Elbow. He is an amazing musician and seems like an absolute sweetheart. Very down to earth.

When I was little I wanted to…
Sing and be a journalist.

Is Melbourne a good place to be fostering your sound?
I love Melbourne. There is always great music happening, and inspiring art to be seen. I would love to move to the UK and perform over there at some stage. I feel like my music would really fit London.

You’ve said in a previous interview that you surround yourself and work with amazingly talented female artists – who are they?
My good friends Stacey Gardiner from Haarlo, and Ainslie Wills are two beautiful woman that I feel very lucky to be friends with, they inspire me. I also love seeing female artists like Gossling and Ella Thompson from Axolotl in Melbourne.

What advice would you have for aspiring female musicians?
To love what you do, because if you don’t there is no point. It’s a lot of hard work and sometimes there is not much visible gain, so you really have to be committed and love it!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching trashy TV in my big woolly jumper and pink slippers.

What’s next for you?
I am launching Dawn with support from Sophie Koh at The Toff In Town May 31. Then a gig in my home town in Albury, then a Sydney date then another gig at the Toff supporting Paris Wells. I am writing my next EP also.

Eliza will be launching her debut EP, Dawn, at Melbourne’s Toff in Town this Thursday! Get all the info on the facebook event page!

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