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Wednesday 27 July 2011
Featured Film

film review: big mamma’s boy

Lip Magazine
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In the latest Ethnic Comedy to hit Australia’s silver screen, Frank Lotito plays Rocco Pileggi, a 35-year-old real estate agent and quintessential ‘mamma’s boy’ who, while still living at home with his overbearing, widowed Italian mamma (Carmelina di Guglielmo), attempts to woo a beautiful ‘Aussie’ girl. Unsurprisingly, mamma isn’t pleased. What follows is a sometimes…
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Wednesday 24 November 2010
Books Opinion

does portia de rossi hate men?

Josephine Mandarano

I just bought myself a copy of Portia De Rossi’s memoir Unbearable Lightness. It reveals her struggle with an eating disorder and her sexuality while straddling fame as a hot young lawyer on TV’s Ally McBeal. It can be risky when celebrities put pen to paper to tell their story. I’ve read my fair share…
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Wednesday 22 September 2010
Books Culture Featured

words are a girl’s best friend

Josephine Mandarano
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Many years ago, when I was only knee-high to a grasshopper, my dad bought me my very own bookshelf. He assembled it, painted it pink and sat it against a wall in my bedroom between my cot and the mountain of stuffed toys in the corner. I was in awe of the grandiose pink entity…
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