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Wednesday 9 March 2016
Film TV

why netflix’s master of none should be compulsory viewing for male feminists

Jennifer Worthing
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Debuting to critical acclaim at the end of last year, Netflix has recently announced that Master of None – the comedy with a delightful penchant for bluntly calling out inequality – will be returning for a second season. Created by Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation) and Alan Yang (a producer on Parks), Master of None…
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Monday 14 December 2015
Arts Film TV

jessica jones: thanks, marvel; it’s about time

Eliza Graves-Browne
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  Over the last week, I have obsessively binged on Jessica Jones, the superhero that insists she is just trying to ‘make a goddamn living in this goddamn world.’ Jones, played excellently by Krysten Ritter, is a sarcastic, hardboiled alcoholic who resists being labeled as a heroine. After a brief stint as a superhero, she…
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Tuesday 11 August 2015
Featured TV

come binge with me: the problem with netflix

Christina Bui
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It’s human nature to want more of a good thing, and if it’s available to utilise in big amounts all at once (i.e. by binging), many people will. Merriam Webster defines a “binge” as ‘a short period of time when you do too much of something.’ We’re all familiar with binging, for we overindulge in…
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Thursday 9 July 2015
Column Film TV

shonen women part i: on strike witches and female viewership

Marie Davis

As the West and Japan grow more enchanted with each other, our cultural landscape is exposed to new and unique interpretations of the female. This three-part series by Marie Davis explores the characterisation of women in shonen anime and manga, and their relationship with their burgeoning Western audience. Perhaps the most unique reimagining of the…
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Wednesday 1 July 2015
Film TV

tv review: sense8

Katerina Paltoglou
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Directorial duo Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas) have teamed up with Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski to create a radical new Netflix Original: Sense8. Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers: Will, Riley, Capheus, Sun, Lito, Kala, Wolfgang, and Nomi. In the aftermath of the violent and tragic death of a…
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Friday 26 June 2015
Feminism Opinion Sexuality TV

‘turning gay’ for Ruby Rose: progressive or problematic?

Clara Borg
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Two weeks ago—after months and months of anticipation—Netflix released online the entire third season of Orange Is The New Black, prompting one of two reactions from fans: a)    Watching all 13 episodes in under 24 hours, then proceeding to frantically vent about all of the feels on every single social media platform available. Or, conversely,…
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Thursday 25 June 2015
Film Opinion TV

tv news: is hannibal too gay for NBC?

Kiah Meadows

Anybody keeping up on pop culture news has most likely heard that NBC has cancelled Bryan Fuller’s operatic adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal series. The series’ third season returned to the aforementioned network on June fourth, to 2.57 million viewers, and saw just 1.6 million the next week’s episode, which aired during an NBA final….
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Friday 19 June 2015
Celebrity News TV

in brief: sunrise apologise for post victim blaming women affected by revenge porn

Sarah Iuliano
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Victim blaming: it’s not something mass media should do. On Wednesday, Channel Seven’s Sunrise breakfast show did just that as it published a Facebook post about Australian women’s nude photos being uploaded to an American revenge porn website. The post, detailing a story affecting 500 women, had the caption: ‘What’s it going to take for…
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Saturday 9 May 2015
Film TV

orange is the new black: why are we itching for the third season?

Caitlin Gordon-King

Full of sex, criminality and queer-dom, it’s little wonder why Orange is the New Black (OITNB) has amassed a devoted following. The show launched in July 2013, and quickly shot to the leader board for Netflix’s most popular shows. Responding to pleas, producers will release the third season late this June. Inane at times, the…
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Tuesday 5 May 2015
Film TV

4 great female-centric TV shows streaming on netflix right now

Kate Voss
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Earlier this year, Netflix Australia was launched in an effort to reach a larger worldwide audience with its services that continue to replace a­ny need for cable TV for most people. And while the original launch only included 1,500 shows, it’s anticipated that it will continue to release new content as time progresses to bring…
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Wednesday 29 April 2015

complex, brilliant and flawed: a snapshot of TV’s female characters

Claire Paterson
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The current “golden age of television” has brought us a barrage of addictive series begging for a lengthy binge-watch. These shows are marked by their compelling plots and an increasing number of complex, flawed and brilliant female characters (hooray!). Here’s a snapshot of just a few. Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) – Mad Men Peggy Olson…
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Wednesday 15 April 2015
Celebrity Featured Opinion TV

funny feminists

Belinda King
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  Can feminists be funny? Of course. Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. That’s the dictionary definition. Here is a list of awesome people who are two of my favourite things: advocates of gender equality and who are fucking funny. Oh, and they’re not afraid to drop…
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Thursday 5 March 2015
TV Uncategorised

you beautiful, rule-breaking moth: the top 10 moments of parks and recreation

Hollie Pich
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YOU BEAUTIFUL, RULE-BREAKING MOTH:  The Top 10 Moments of Parks and Recreation   After seven seasons of adventures, laughter, and warm-hearted storylines, Parks and Recreation left our television screens last week. The show was, in words of Leslie Knope, a ‘beautiful, rule-breaking moth.’ Not only was Parks and Recreation hilarious, it was unrelentingly positive: driven…
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Friday 14 November 2014
Film TV

tv review: the good wife, season six

Michael Wu
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The Good Wife, as it proved even in its earliest seasons, houses some of television’s best and most complex female characters on television. In the current landscape of television, where women are so often subjected to roles defined by male characters, the show presents dynamic and layered women like Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Diane…
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