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Wednesday 21 August 2013

memoir: culture shock in japan

Keshia Jacotine
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My first thought is, ‘I really did not think this one through.’ That is my first thought when I sit down on a bench, clutching my backpack in the middle of Tokyo. My second thought is of a display I passed as I disembarked from my plane at Narita a couple of hours earlier. It…
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Wednesday 14 August 2013

memoir: talking to strangers

Kaylia Payne

I have always been painfully shy. Well, actually, that is not the entire truth. When I was a very little thing I used to love talking to strangers. I had been taught by my parents to believe that I was special and interesting, and as a result I thought that everyone would be delighted by…
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Wednesday 24 July 2013
Culture Featured Life Memoir

the (no) distance relationship: from online love, to living together (part 1)

Kahtia Lontis
One comment

There’s a buzz around internet-based long distance relationships these days. Everybody has a different opinion: some people can’t for the life of them understand the appeal, and some people sing their praises from the rooftops. When I told people I was in a long distance relationship I received varied reactions. Some people thought it was cool,…
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Wednesday 3 July 2013
Culture Life Memoir

memoir: who me? a feminist?

Kym Campradt
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I have never called myself a feminist. Being raised by a single mother in the 1980s with my sisters, equality for women wasn’t a concept that I questioned. You could say I took it for granted that women had equal rights. At this early age I didn’t question gender equality because I was only influenced…
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Friday 21 June 2013
Life Memoir

memoir: diagnosis

Theresa Kelly
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 **Trigger warning: Discussion of eating disorders** (middle school) The tiles were cold against my skin. In the pitch-black of the night, in our tiny box of a bathroom, I sprawled out. The scratchy blue rug – the old one my father had been begging my mother to throw away for years – acted as my…
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Thursday 18 April 2013
Life Memoir

memoir: my homesick abortion

Katie Schwartz

My abortion Pippa and I are really close. Really, we are. She’s not homesick in the slightest. For an ethereal aberration who communicates via text message and telepathy, I must admit, she surprised me with her fast-talking, deadpan, assertive personality and wild history. Neither of us expected to share my womb for nine months. I…
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Monday 1 September 2003
Arts Memoir

my secret life: the army of ballet

Michelle Yan
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This piece first appeared in issue three of Lip. Age five was the first time I stepped out onto the parquetry of the ballet studio. Excitement, wonderment and joy filled me. I was dressed in a pretty white leotard and skirt, pink ballet shoes and my hair in piggy tails with colourful ribbons. All this…
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