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Don’t be a Wuss – Get Your Bra Sized Checked

This is a plea, to all young women who are too squeamish, too chicken, too embarrassed or too busy to go get properly fitted. Stop making excuses, and get it done. Go to the shops tomorrow, walk into Bras ‘n’ Things, and get it over with.

I’m not saying this as your mum, or your teacher or the pushy sales girl. I’m saying this as a fellow breast owner, who made excuses and suffered for too long.

For ages, I’ve felt uncomfortable in my bra. Not in the morning, when I first put it on. And not in the change-room when I bought it. But by the afternoon, or after a long shift at work, my ribs and my back started aching. As soon as I got home, I’d take my bra off. Sometimes, I couldn’t wait even that long. I’d slip it off at work in the hopes that no-one would notice under my oversized uniform. I had a few favourite outfits that didn’t need a bra – they quickly became my everyday staples.

I thought this was just the way life was. Girls’ clothes are uncomfortable. From our too tight shoes, to the knickers that are always riding up, to the skirt that always has to be pulled down. Bras are just another uncomfortable but necessary, gorgeous item of clothing.

Plus, bra fittings are embarrassing.

‘You know they touch your boobs’, ‘you have to get naked in-front of a stranger’, ‘it must be so awkward for those shop girls’. The general consensus from my friends was that getting fitted would be embarrassing. I was shy, squeamish, and a wuss.

But eventually, the discomfort and the back-ache won out. I bit the bullet. I got a bra fitting.

Turns out, it’s stupidly easy and not embarrassing at all. Those bra scientists have it down to a fine art. It’s as easy as one, two, three:
1) The girl tells you to hold one end of a tape-measure against your chest under your arm, and spin around in a circle.
2) Hey presto, the tape-measure is around your breasts, and the girl reads your size.
3) Then, she helpfully picks out a few bras around the right size, you try them on, and she visually checks if they look right (without any awkward stranger-touching-your-breasts moments).

I was wearing a 12D/14C. Turns out I’m an 8E, 10DD. How freaking wrong can you get? How freaking stupid to give myself back-aches, instead of spending ten minutes on a totally not embarrassing fitting.

Now that I’ve got the right size, I can wear a bra all day, and not get sore. I can wear totally babin’ blouses, instead of my no-bra-necessary sack dresses. And my breasts look hotter. Turns out, the right size bra will hold your breasts up better, so you get killer cleavage.

You know that statistic that says that 85% of women aren’t wearing the right bra size? Yeah, that means you. So stop being a wuss – go get fitted.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be a Wuss – Get Your Bra Sized Checked

  1. I am glad it’s worked for you; however a few years ago my dad took me to buy a proper, fitted bra and I think it was at bras’n'things. We could only afford one, it was a $50 bra that gave me bruises and made me bleed because… well I don’t know why, she was a terrible bra fitter?! So I’ve relented to a few boob tube type bras and one or two fancy ones because I won’t go back to a place to pay well above what I can afford for something that’s going to hurt me so much

  2. Siobhan, I know what you mean. Bra’s and Things is a bit limited. I got fitted there, but I ended up buying most of my new bras from Lin and Barrett (sp?), because they stock more sizes. -__-

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