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feminist news round-up 22.04.12

woman measuring waist

controvery surrounds new nasogastric tube diet

They say a woman is never as slim as she was on her wedding day, and if there’s any truth to that little titbit, we think we’ve discovered the reason. Move over, Atkins, there’s a new fad diet in town! No soups, no pills, no foul-smelling imported teas; all that’s required is the insertion of a nasogastric tube, the same sort stereotypically associated with anorexics. 800 calories worth of fat, protein and water are delivered to the body daily via a tube inserted in the nose by a qualified medical practitioner, and instead of eating solid foods, dieters are merely required to carry around a shopping bag filled with fluid. The 10-day diet, marketed as the K-E diet, is gaining momentum in the US as the diet du jour for brides-to-be looking to shed a few pounds before their big day. While advocates of the diet insist that within a few hours of having the tube inserted, hunger and appetite diminish, psychologists have warned that dropping weight too quickly can be mentally traumatic. But if you ask me, the very thought of having a feeding tube inserted via my nose and carrying around a bag full of liquid that will supposedly ‘nourish’ my body for 10 days is traumatic enough. Nothing trumps eating healthily and exercising, right?

is kendall kardashian too young to model bikinis?

The Kardashians aren’t the shy-away-from-the-spotlight kind of family, and sixteen year old Kendall Kardashian is no exception. However recent shots of the sixteen year old have been raising a few eyebrows, with people questioning whether she’s still too young for the job. The photos, which were taken for French fashion magazine, Flavor, have been criticised for being overly photoshopped into what one gossip blogger described as a ‘bizarre alien-looking Mila Kunis type’. It’s not the first time the young Kardashian has come under fire for her premature career choice – she was similarly criticised when she modelled her very first bikini at age fourteen, after which her father responded to the criticisms by claiming the shots were ‘hot’. Earlier in the year, Cindy Crawford faced backlash after allowing her ten year old daughter, Kaia, to model for Versace in clothing (and poses) that made her appear much older than her years. So, just how young is too young to model provocatively? 15? 10? And is it really necessary to Photoshop a tween?

vatican accuses american nuns of ‘radical feminism’

This is arguably not the first time The Vatican could be accused of harbouring whackjobs, but this one sure does take the cake. The Holy City has vowed to crackdown on what it deems ‘radical feminism’ among the nuns in the 55,000-member Leadership Conference of Women Religious citing, among other things, their failure to ‘sufficiently condemn’ controversial issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Some nuns have declared the reform an ‘ambush’, but others have not been as forthcoming to publicly share their opinions on a system that mandates their obedience. Just another group of women oppressed at the hands of men.

ny feminist art centre celebrates fifth anniversary

In some celebratory news out of the US, the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art in Brooklyn is celebrating its 5th birthday by commemorating some famous women of the next millennium. Some of the 15 influential women being paid tribute to include Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court; Toni Morrison, the first African-American woman to receive the Noble Prize for literature; Muriel Siebert, the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange; and Connie Chung, the first person of Asian descent to hold a network anchor position.

rosie o’donnell lashes out at homophobic street preacher

Video footage has emerged of out and proud US celebrity Rosie O’Donnell lashing out at a street preacher who calls her a ‘lesbian pig’ and instructs her to ‘go home and do the dishes’. Were her comments warranted? Watch the video below and tell us what you think! (Quick warning: the video is uncensored.)

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2 thoughts on “feminist news round-up 22.04.12

  1. I agree, Dunja. I’ve read some commentary that suggests she should have kept her mouth shut in front of her daughter, which I think is total bullshit. She would have done herself and her daughter a huge disservice if she didn’t stand up for herself.

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