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interview: feelings, aka Simon Berkfinger

Ex-Philadelphia Grand Jury Frontman Simon Berkfinger is a man of many names (no, sadly, Berkfinger is not his real surname), and currently he’s travelling under the name Feelings, with his second tour under the new moniker just around the corner. I spoke with Feelings about the tour and his new single Intercourse, and was graced with a brief insight into the inner workings of the artist.

‘Basically I’ve finally accepted my position as the local eccentric. The other day a hobo was directing traffic out the front of my house here in Berlin in the snow. In the nude. That kind of stuff resonates with me. Do hobos rule the world?’

The former Sydney man co-wrote Intercourse with Michael Tomlinson (Yves Klein Blue), who he says: ‘When I first went to meet him at a phone booth on a street corner I missed him because I thought he was a pretty lady dressed like Jesus,’ as well as pulling talent from Art vs. Science and Dappled Cities, in the forms of Dan Williams and Dave Rennick, respectively.

Feelings says the song has been a hit live, but the rest of his debut album will be different: ‘These days I write whatever  I like and then fit it together in the best way possible. I find people can always invent a genre for you later, so it’s best to be eclectic and not worry too much.’ Feelings also says he is not ashamed of his time with the Philly Jays, but: ‘moving forward musically is important to me and moving to Europe and starting from scratch has given me a great chance to get rid of a lot of creative baggage. I feel very free and I think that’s why you are hearing a bunch of very different sounding things from me.’

‘The last tour I was very scared as it was my first time playing bass and as Feelings. This time I’m not scared and I’m ready to kick some butts.’

You can check out Feelings’ new number here, or catch him live at:

Lambda Lambda Lambda in Brisbane on Thursday 7 February

The Beresford Hotel in Sydney on Friday 8 February

Nite Society @ Transit Bar in Canberra on Saturday 9 February

The Workers Club in Melbourne on Friday 15 February

Plus One @ Ed Castle in Adelaide on Saturday 16 February

By Jacob Evans

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