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brekkie quest: bangbang, surry hills


113 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills - Map

3.66 ‘Speedy service meets disco decor’

Well hello, BangBang. I like your less-is-more attitude to decor. You have snare drums for seats, big wooden communal tables, disco themed walls, milk bottles for water jugs and light globes hanging from the ceiling. And despite the simple furnishings, your menu is quite comprehensive. Two pages of tasty brekkie treats. I had the breakfast stack. Fancy. Damien had your salmon benedict on sourdough. Also fancy. If I wasn’t so full I would’ve had a stab at your carrot loaf. Your waitresses were quick to turn around our orders. The fastest I have ever seen. I like this. Although I didn’t require a sharp blade today, BangBang, that’s not the point. I would’ve liked to have been pleasantly surprised and over equipped to take on my brekkie stack. This cutlery hunt seems to be going on forever and I’m becoming impatient. Where are you, sharp knives? Why aren’t you doing the breakfast shift? Oh. I will find you. Just you wait. Maybe at the next stop…

Coffee: 4 Delicious.
Eggs: 3.5
 Gourmet. Wow. But ever so slightly overdone.
Toast: 3.5 
Sourdough. You know how I like sourdough.
Knife: 3
 Alas, another disappointment.
Ambience: 4 
Nice service. Some communal dining. Very spacious. Minimalistic. Groovy.
Price: 4
 Very reasonable indeed. Eggs on toast were $9.50 which I appreciate.

By Katherine Riches

Hello Sydney Cafes. Katherine Riches wants the creamiest coffee, the gooiest eggs and the crustiest toast. Do you have them for her? She’s also looking for sharp cutlery. What kind of cafe serves thick sourdough toast with a butter knife? She does not like these cafes. They make eating hard work. Her brekkie quest aims to seek out all you groovy cafes from you cruel and daggy ones. P.S. She’ll also be scoring your elements from 1 to 5.

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