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feminist news round-up 23.12.12

Many Women Go Homeless

Around 46,000 women were homeless on Census night 2011, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a good number of whom were sleeping on the street, or staying with friends or family or living in insecure/short-stay accommodation. Sixty six per cent of homeless children are accompanied by the care of a woman, which is typically their mother escaping domestic violence. Domestic violence is the most common cited reason for homelessness amongst women. Evidence also shows that around this time of year with the stress of Christmas and an increased presence of alcohol, the rate of domestic violence is higher. If you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic violence, find further information about seeking help on this website.

Exaggerating Christmas Stress?

A study funded by hotel chain, Travelodge, released this week, found that 42 per cent of women find hosting Christmas Day their most stressful job of the year. Eighty five per cent also say men don’t understand the effort required for a perfect Christmas yet 40 per cent would not trust their partners to carry out Christmas arrangements. Meanwhile, half of men think women exaggerate stress of Christmas while a third think they could do a better job. The study into stress at Christmas revealed that keeping guests entertained, planning meals, and getting embarrassed by a partner or child are the biggest worries. Despite holidays from work and study, the research also found that this time of year is also the most sleep deprived, with about half of survey participants missing over 21 hours of sleep in the week leading up to Christmas.

British Women Throw Out Gifts

Another study based in Britain found that, on average, women throw out GBP 26 worth of unwanted beauty gifts each Christmas. That adds up to GBP 676 million nationally. The average woman will throw away two Christmas beauty gifts and about one in five throw out about GBP 60 worth of gifts. If the cosmetics aren’t right they’ll bin them during the rest of the year – one a month on average. While the study shows that buying beauty products for other people can be quite tricky, it also points to the huge amount of waste caused by consumerism this time of year.

Women warned against ‘Gangnam Style’ Injuries

A health warning has been issued to women this holiday season – when you’re on the dance floor, be careful when performing ‘gangnam style’ moves. Physiotherapist, David Roberts, has stated that more people are suffering injuries on the dance floor than ever before, partially inspired by the likes of Strictly Come Dancing and Rihanna, with apparently the trouble being caused by ‘a little Dutch courage’. One man reportedly had a heart attack when he performed his version of the Gangnam style dance. However, women are at particular risk of sustaining injuries because of high heels. If you’re going to be out dancing, remember to be kind to your ankles.

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