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Giveaway! $200 prize pack from eve workwear!

At Lip, we love hearing about women taking on new roles in the workplace, and construction is one place where we’re sorely underrepresented! Eve Renovations are an all-female construction company, that boast the offer of ‘the female difference’ to their customers.

We think it’s awesome that women are breaking into new industries, and we especially think their new range of women’s workwear is fabulous!

Eve have kindly offered Lip readers the chance to win a prize pack valued at $200 of their exciting new range of workwear.

Here’s a bit more about the clothes:

eve workwear has developed practical, fashionable clothing that looks good on active, working women. The collection has been developed combining the season colours, unique design and an attention to detail to create clothing for women from work to weekend. Whether it be working in a trade such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical or landscaping or a profession, DIY at home or leisure activites eve workwear has got you covered. The range is initially made up of work shirts long and short sleeve, work shorts and pants, base layer singlets and tshirts as well as headwear, with mid length shorts and a winter vest arriving soon.”


You can check eve renovations out here.


25 thoughts on “Giveaway! $200 prize pack from eve workwear!

  1. We’re on our 31st attempt to overturn O’bama Care. I wonder if I have a better chance of winning this great prize vs. the houses’ chance to repeal the healthcare bill.

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