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interview: lanie lane

Lanie Lane, a Sydney-born singer songwriter is one of the few lucky people amongst us who gets to do what she loves and get paid for it.

‘I really like pretty much all parts of my job. It’s really fun,’ she says. Living a life without routines, Lane’s days are made up of touring, playing gigs, promoting, working with her band, or lamenting the fact that she left her pillow in New York the last time she was there. ‘That would be something I don’t like,’ she laughs.

For the past year or so she has been working and touring with people and bands including Justin Townes Earle, Clare Bowditch, Jack White, Fitz and The Tantrums, and You Am I. Lane is appreciative of the time she got to spend with similarly talented artists and identified that all ‘memories of making music are highlights’ for her. But for the first time this October she will be heading off on a national tour with her name at the top of the marquee and nothing quite compares to that.

‘I just want to go everywhere!’ she says.

Visiting venues all across Australia, the tour is set to be a big adventure for her band who are accompanying her outside of Sydney for the first time. ‘I hope to be bringing them with me a lot more from now on,’ Lane emphasises. Also on her tour is a band from Melbourne called The Fearless Vampire Killers, whose lead guitarist, Sean, is going to play guitar in Lane’s band for a number of shows when her usual guitarist can’t be there.

‘That’ll be a really fun dynamic and something different,’ she says. Lane is also very excited about the inclusion of another artist living in Sydney called Miss Little. ‘She’s really amazing so I’d definitely really encourage people to come along early for those parts of the show.’

Not only a singer songwriter, Lane is also quite the guitarist. ‘I’ve got three guitars,’ she tells. ‘And two of them have names. One’s called Betty, it has a song dedicated to her on the album named ‘Betty Baby’. I also have one electric guitar and it’s from 1960 and is called BoDidd – it’s named after Bo Diddly, the amazing blues guitarist.’ Unfortunately the third guitar doesn’t have a name yet but Lane is quick to point out that ‘it is really beautiful’ and the name is on its way.

When asked if there was anyone she would love to perform for, Lane is ambivalent. ‘I don’t really think about that stuff too much,’ she says. ‘I like taking things as they come and if I get invited to perform somewhere then I check it out and it’s usually a very exciting prospect for me. I think it’s really great playing for all kinds of people and if I can play to people who can connect with my music then that’s who I want to play for. I don’t really care whether they’re famous or rich or royalty. Joe Blow down the road or the Queen – it doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll play to ‘em.’

While her musical taste is not all that surprising, with artists like Johnny Cash (‘that’s pretty awesome,’ Lane comments) and Jolie Holland in her iTunes, Lane does confess to having all her own music and demos stored for listening convenience in her iPhone.

‘Is that embarrassing?’ she asks. Safe to say, Lane’s music is far from embarrassing and there is no reason why she shouldn’t get to enjoy it as much as we do here at lip!

October looks to be a busy month for Lane as she is releasing her self-produced debut album, To the Horses, on the 14th. For those who haven’t had the privilege of hearing her play, Lane describes the album for us: ‘It’s kind of a mix of blues, rockabilly, early rock ’n’ roll and a bit of country and western. It’s really fun and upbeat but it can also be kind of mellow a little contemplative.’ The songs from the album will be featured on the tour and Lane says that she ‘is trying to create a bit of a world for people to step into and enjoy’. If her ‘world-making’ skills are anywhere near as good as her sound, then this tour is sure to be incredible.

Set to play her first act on October 19th at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne, Lane’s tour looks to be a ripper of a ride. Tickets are on sale now and you can keep in touch by joining her mailing list at

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