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daily feminist news 12.09.13


Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young to sue ZOO as she damn well should.

Australian Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young is suing ZOO magazine for photoshopping her face onto the body of a bikini model in such a way that Hanson-Young claims made her appear ‘incompetent and immature.’ Hanson-Young claims the lad’s mag represented her as ‘not a politician to be taken seriously’ in an article titled ‘ZOO’s Asylum Seeker Bikini Plan’ that was published a week after her emotional address to the senate about asylum seeker policy.

Child bride dies in Yemen because the system is horrible.

A Yemini girl, known only as Rawan, has died of internal injuries on her wedding night. She was just eight years old and was married off by her family to a man more than five times her age. Rawan died after suffering a tear to her genitals and severe bleeding. Activists have called for the groom and the girl’s family to be arrested. According to the Social Affairs Ministry, more than a quarter of women in Yemen marry before they turn fifteen. Urgh.

Julia Gillard lands role as visiting professor at Adelaide University.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been offered a position as an honorary professor at the University of Adelaide. Gillard said she was delighted to become part of the university where she studied arts-law from 1979-1981. Gillard was offered the position in the School of History and Politics for her unique knowledge and perspective as Australia’s first female prime minister. How cool is that?

Study finds that young women are wearing less make up because ain’t nobody got time for that.

A recent study has found that although cosmetics sales are on a steady increase, young women are actually wearing less make up, particularly as they get older. According to the study of beauty routines of American women aged between 18-25, 67 per cent said they used between zero or three products in their morning routine. When broken down by age, the younger twenty-somethings were most likely to cake it on, with many using up to twelve products in the morning, whereas a huge 72 per cent of 25 year olds use just three products.

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