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Daily Feminist News 26.09.13


This ‘300 Sandwiches’ project will make your feminist blood boil.

Another sarcastic feminist hashtag trend has emerged on Twitter in response to this blog and the corresponding article in the New York Post, wherein lady journalist and blogger Stephanie Smith’s boyfriend asked her to make him a sandwich and so she did. She’s now on the way to making 300 of them all in the name of true love and commitment. Critical thinkers took to Twitter to lampoon the whole premise, with the hashtag #300feministsandwiches. My personal favourite is ‘Equal-pay-strami on rye.’

This university professor is ‘not interested in teaching books written by women.’

University of Toronto professor and author, David Gilmour, stated in an interview this week that he just isn’t interested in teaching novels written by women. Sorry, anyone interested in hearing about non-white-hetero-male perspectives in modern literature, but that just ain’t his bag, baby. Gilmour justified his aversion to teaching literary works by women, stating that it’s not something that he is passionate about, instead he clarified that ‘what I teach is guys. Serious heterosexual guys. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Chekhov, Tolstoy. Real guy-guys. Henry Miller. Philip Roth.’ Sure, because women’s experiences, knowledge and stories aren’t serious. We are not impressed.

Researchers contemplate a contraceptive pill that you only have to take once a month.

Researchers from New York and Sweden are arguing that there needs to be a simpler contraceptive solution than taking the pill every day. Instead, they are proposing that a once-monthly contraceptive pill be developed, for health and convenience purposes. This pill would be taken in a similar way to the morning after pill, that is, after sex, rather than every day regardless of whether you’re bumping uglies or not. Opponents have argued that such a pill would not be a contraceptive, but would actually just be a form of regular pharmaceutical abortion.

Cheer yourself up with these feminist activist re-imaginings of the cartoon characters of your childhood!

Black Girl Dangerous commissioned artist, Julio Salgado, to re-imagine cartoon characters as social justice organisers and the result is glorious. Among them are Daria, Lisa Simpson, Dora the explorer and Suzie from Rugrats (remember her?) Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Feminist News 26.09.13

  1. Great round-up Ruby! I must say I find the idea that taking a pill every day is too complicated for women to manage a bit silly!

    • It’s not about our intellectual ability to remember to take the pill, though, is it? I’d love an easier contraceptive solution, but I will admit that motivations lie more in the “I’m incredibly lazy” area than the “rights” area!

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