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Feminist news round-up: 03.05.14

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


Catch up on all the feminist news from all around the world this week on Lip!

Is it ok for a man to review a feminist book?

Have you ever been called a man-hater? Jessica Valenti has, and she’s not cool with it

Should we stop asking celebrities about feminism?

As a feminist, what do you think about marriage and weddings?

Read about feminism in Hungary

Check out these websites that promote women getting jobs in technology.

Have you seen this one-minute campaign about sexual abuse? It’s full of celebrities, Oh and also the U.S. President and Vice President.

Check out why Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Osbourne have joined the boycott against some Beverly Hills Hotels


On Lip this week:


Emilie Bertsch discuses the way Kate was represented during the Royal Visit

Meet the prizewinners for the Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

On lip lit: Lauren Strickland reviews The Blazing World by Siri Hustvedt

On lip film: Caitlin Gordon-King reviews The Invisible Woman

Learn the pros and cons of using Tinder

A personal reflection on the death of Jill Meagher

What did you think of Veet’s “don’t risk dudeness” campaign?

Check out interviews and information about Fashfest’s designers: Zoe Brown, Maria Ramsden and Leanne Dempsey, Holly Squair and Zilpah Tart

Rachel Barber reviews Little Hurricane’s new album.

What’s been on your mind this week, Lipsters?
Share anything interesting you’ve come across in the comments!

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