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feminist news round-up 10.06.13

French Femen outside Tunisia embassy in Paris 5 June 2013

Femen protesters expelled from Tunisia

The Guardian reports that three members of Ukrainian feminist group Femen have been expelled from Tunisia over suspicions they were planning a topless protest outside a court where three other Femen members were being tried for public indecency after staging a topless protest in front of the Tunisian Palace of Justice.

Meanwhile three women have reportedly been removed by police from outside the German chancellery over another topless protest. In this case, they were gathered to put pressure on Angela Merkel to encourage the release of the Femen members currently jailed in Tunisia.

Julia Gillard follows Obama’s woman philosophy

Prime Minister Gillard will launch a donations campaign entitled ‘Women for Gillard’ that mimics the ‘Women for Obama’ drive harnessed in the US election campaign.This will call upon women voters to post small donations for print and TV advertising, as well as asking female celebrities to spread messages of support via the media. Obama got Beyonce on board, and you can’t help but wish she was an Australian citizen…

Penelope Cruz new Bond girl

Spanish actress Cruz is reportedly the world’s newest Bond girl, and ‘the oldest’ too–shock! If the casting is a go she would be 40 when appearing in the film, a fact that is hideous or exciting depending on which media outlet you listen to. While British critics reflect that the casting would mean Bond interacts with a woman actually his age for the first time in the film franchise’s history, other sources exclaimed that the “Oldest Woman Ever!” would be appearing next to dapper Bond, as though this was a major flaw in the narrative. ‘You’d think her bikini bod would have to be rolled out in a wheelchair,’ The Daily Beast wrote. Yes they did.

Katie Holmes and Gloria Steinem eat food

New York paparazzi went nuts for reports that actress Katie Holmes and feminist icon Gloria Steinem apparently ate lunch together last week in Greenwich Village. The reports stretched as far as to claim Katie may have been catching up on decades of feminist theory after all that time spent in scientology land.  The lunch got tabloid presses talking about which Hollywood stars are the most ‘militant feminists’. Do you care about such meet-ups, Lipsters?

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