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feminist news round-up 11.08.13

newspaperGloria Steinem to receive Medal of Freedom

The well-known US feminist is headed to the White House to hang with the Obamas and receive presidential seal of approval. The Medal of Freedom is a pretty big deal–pretty much the highest award a citizen can receive, delivered at the liking of the President. The win is being seen as an endorsement of the impact that feminism has had on American society in the past 60 years.

Arrest made over UK twitter threats

A man has been arrested in relation to threats made to UK Labour Minister Stella Creasy and writer Caroline Criado-Perez. Creasy became front page news for reporting threats received on Twitter after she stepped in to defend writer Perez against trolls who were objecting to Perez’s quest to get women onto UK banknotes. Meanwhile, Creasy is being touted as a UK Prime Minister in waiting after her profile has soared after drawing attention to the treatment received by many high profile women on Twitter.

Selfie news round-up

Doubtful that KRudd caused this, but analysis of the selfie has kicked into overdrive. From new apps that pixellate embarrassing photos posted to Facebook, to longitudinal studies about self esteem, there’s a lotta voices telling young people to hide from the camera or get in front of it to sell themselves. What do Lipsters think – how much analysis of the selfie is needed?

Hey! Women play cricket

If the Aussie men’s cricket team have left you sleep deprived and disappointed, the ladies take over tomorrow in the Women’s Ashes series. The Aussies are the top ranking side going into battle–we may have a win in England after all!

Also on Lip this week:

Italy moves to curb violence against women

linkedin backflips on using photos of attractive engineers 

slap hillary game is a thing



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