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feminist news round-up 19.05.13

'unisex' American Apparel shirt. Image via Business Insider

‘unisex’ American Apparel shirt. Image via Business Insider

Man ‘tricks’ girlfriend into taking ‘abortion pills’

A Florida man, John Weldon, has been charged with first-degree murder after giving his partner a labour-inducing drug that terminated her pregnancy. The woman, Remee Lee, believed she was taking a pill for a bacterial infection, prescribed by the father of the accused man, a fertility doctor. It is as yet unknown what ramifications the charge of first-degree murder will have on current abortion law.

NGO workers arrested for abusing deaf-mute girls

An unknown number of NGO workers have been arrested after five girls, aged between 12 and 17 were found to be sexually and physically abused at a residential school in the Kanota area of Jaipur. The girls, who are hearing and speech-impaired, apparently tried to make their grievances known prior to the arrests but were ignored. Reports suggest one of the girls is pregnant as a result of the attack, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Afghan lawmakers block legislation protecting women’s rights

Conservative lawmakers have blocked legislation in Afghanistan that was set to protect women’s freedoms. The changes to the law in the legislation included the criminalisation of violence against women, the end to child marriages, and the end to rape victims being charged with fornication. lawmaker Fawzia Koofi, a women’s rights activist, expressed her disappointment that many female politicians opposed the law.


In other news. . .

Disney pulls ‘sexy’ makeover of Brave star

Teen depression in girls linked to absentee fathers

Swedes slam sexist American Apparel ads


Also covered in Lip

Sexual assault rife in psychiatric care

Israel moves to ban gender segregation in public spaces

Angelina Jolie has preventative double mastectomy


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