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feminist news round up 26.11.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


Clinton vows to stop using the phrase ‘illegal immigrant’
Hillary Clinton has promised to stop using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ after being criticised for it in a Facebook Q&A . Journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas explained that the term was offensive, and that he was asking all candidates to pledge that they would refrain from using it. Clinton responded simply: ‘Yes, I will’ and noted that she has been fighting for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’.

Liberal Party advised to ambitiously increase its number of women
An internal review by the Liberal Party has advised the Party to adopt a ‘stretch target’, which would increase the number of women appointed to positions at all levels including as MPs. West Australian Senator Linda Reynolds told 7.30 that the target, to be released next month, would be ‘very ambitious’. The review partly occurred as a result of previous PM Tony Abbott’s first federal cabinet that contained only one woman.

Dutton’s White Ribbon Day tweet criticised as hypocritical
Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton has been criticised on social media for tweeting a pledge against violence against women and children on White Ribbon Day. Considering the fact that Senate committees have found that detention centres are unsafe due to numerous reports of rape and sexual assault, Dutton’s comments were considered to be hypocritical and Twitter users responded.

Austrian teen murdered by ISIS for trying to escape
According to media reports, an Austrian teenage girl who joined Islamic State last year was recently murdered with a hammer by the terrorist group for trying to escape. Samra Kesinovic fled Vienna in April 2014 with her 15-year-old friend, posting a warning on social media for their family and friends not to look for them, as they would die for Allah. However, it was reported in October 2014 that they were desperate to escape but couldn’t due to Austrian terrorism laws, having married and fallen pregnant to jihadis.

ABC reporter responds to criticism that she wore the same jacket during Paris coverage
You would think that the last thing on viewers’ minds when watching ABC news reporter Lisa Millar’s coverage of the Paris attacks would be her wardrobe. And yet, she was criticised by a male viewer on Twitter for just that, suggesting that she should have stopped in at ‘David Jones for a few more clothes’. Millar wittily replied: ‘mental note to self – pack better when covering breaking news tragedies’, and Australian journalists including Tom Steinfort and Hugh Whitfield messaged their support.

Report shows that media often sensationalise reports of violence against women
A report from the national body for violence against women, Our Watch, on international reporting of violence against women has found that the media regularly sensationalises violence against women and disproportionately focuses upon female perpetrators. The report also stated that media reports have often focused upon the method of the murder rather than the history of the perpetrator, as well as victim blaming and relying solely upon police comment for context.


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