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in brief: brad pitt to produce steubenville rape case movie


Brad Pitt’s production company have secured the movie rights to a Rolling Stone article about the Steubenville rape case. The piece focuses on Deric Lotstutter, the founder behind the Anonymous ‘hacktivist’ campaign that helped to raise attention to the case. He now faces up to ten years in jail, eight years more than the two rapists.

Lotstutter began his vigilante lifestyle by sticking up for a kid who had a bad lung as the result of being punched by a bully. Later down the track, he would be the driving force of a group that would uncover the truth that the case was being hushed by school officials.

Nobody is arguing that Lotstutter would not make an interesting and compelling character. However, some feel that the movie has chosen the wrong protagonist.

Bridgette Dunlap writes that Lotsutter may not have been the ‘white knight’ he has been made out to be.

‘Anonymous is often credited with helping to bring rapists to justice in the Maryville, Steubenville and Rehtaeh Parsons cases despite a track record of making investigations already in progress more difficult, falsely accusing innocent people and making other women collateral damage.’

‘Women don’t need to be avenged by “white nights”, we need the knowledge and the legal resources to vindicate our rights ourselves.’

The unofficial announcement came out on April 1st, causing many to believe it way an April fools joke. However, Lotstetter denied these remarks.

‘All I can say until further notice from my agent and my lawyer is it’s real, it’s been in the works for a while now, and no further comment.’

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