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in brief: more women crowdsourcing breast augmentation

Image via Body + Soul

Image via Body + Soul

Online networking is undoubtedly the way of the future; but is crowdsourcing to raise funds for cosmetic surgery innovative or troubling?

A recent article by reveals that Australian women are one of the largest groups to accept funds from donors on website to increase their cup size. Operating since 2005, the website has been host to more than 4000 women and has raised around $12.5 million for breast implant surgery. ‘Benefactors’ receive emails, messages, and even videos from women in exchange for donations.

According to the article, Australia makes up one of the largest portions of the implant online community with 327 registered users.

MyFreeImplants claims it provides ‘…fun, friendships and free breast implants’ for its users, however a Queenslander told another story.

Amber-Rose Bellette told the news organisation that while girls are under no obligation to sexualise their communication with benefactors, those who attained the funds for their surgery the fastest had uploaded provocative sexual pictures and videos of themselves.

The premise of the website has angered The Australian Society of Plastic Surgery, a spokesman stating, ‘women are not fodder for entrepreneurial sales companies’.


By Eileen McInnes


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Is this liberating those women who wish to have control over their body; or something else?

Would you donate to such a campaign?

Would you crowdsource your cosmetic surgery? Have your say below.


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