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in brief: nsw pushes for sexism, domestic violence education in school curriculum


There are calls for New South Wales primary schools to introduce lessons to identify and stop sexism and domestic violence in its tracks.

Domestic Violence NSW chief executive, Tracey Howe told the Sydney Morning Herald there are wider social issues to be tackled in the community, but the earlier they are targeted the better.

‘We have got to step in as soon as they hit 11 or 12, [boys] thinking they can call girls sluts and send hateful text messages,’ she said.

‘There are some horrible representations of women that have led us here, and I don’t think anyone really knows how widespread it is.’

The campaign comes as police statistics show 75 per cent of all female homicides were perpetrated by a loved one.

The figures have lead NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione to describe domestic violence as one of the ‘biggest issues modern society has to face’ as state-wide the force deals with 370 instances per day.

‘If there was any other single issue causing this sort of grief there would be a big outcry,’ Commissioner Scipione said.

Tracey Howe agrees there has been a shift in attitudes towards addressing gender-based violence in the community.

‘For some reason when you name it as male behaviour you get this defensive response from some women and men as if you are having a go at all men,’ she said.

One thought on “in brief: nsw pushes for sexism, domestic violence education in school curriculum

  1. Refusing to believe that men can be victims too is a major part of the problem. The stereotype that men are the sole abusers, has been disproven sounds like Tracey just wants to teach misandry in schools

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