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in brief: this feminist street art is the best

Image: Craft Cartel

Image: Craft Cartel

The awesome art collective that recently enlightened us all to the glory of vaginal knitting has an early Christmas present for you.

Melbourne based ‘craftivist’ group, Craft Cartel, want to challenge the shame and censorship around women’s genitalia, in particular, through the word – “cunt”.

They claim that the word, ‘despite being the descriptor of something truly wondrous, remains the word considered most offensive in the English language.’ And they’d be pretty much right.

So, they have created ‘cunt fling-ups.’

You know how sometimes, when you’re cruising around the streets of suburbia and you come across a pair of ratty old shoes with their laces tied together, flung over the top of power lines? Well, this is pretty much that, but with sparkly, embroidered vulva/vaginas.

Just as it is rumoured that the hanging shoes signify the territory of a gang, or a drug dealer’s turf, Craft Cartel are using their own ‘fling-ups’ to reclaim public spaces for women, cunts and feminism.

On their website they explain: ‘just because a handful of rich dudes have put their erections all over the city doesn’t mean they own the public space. The streets belong to ALL genders & our bodies only to ourselves. We’re taking it all back, one fling at a time.’

All I can say is that Inga Muscio would be proud.

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