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in brief: university of iowa rejects lena dunham


With the fourth season of Girls on the horizon for airing in 2015, I’m sure many of you out there are super psyched to see just want Lena Dunham has concocted next for her band of ladies.

I am, however, not looking forward to the next season – I find the show barely relatable and too rolled up in itself – but that’s just me. And I will not proceed to bag out the show in this story, that’s for another time.

I will, however, give an example of someone who has recently publicly shown his disdain for Girls writer Dunham, namely the University of Iowa’s Vice President of Strategic Communication – Joe Brennan.

Dunham was hoping to film part of the fourth season at the University of Iowa, but it’s been revealed that she was not allowed to do so after Brennan read the script for the upcoming season. ‘After reviewing the script, I felt the storyline placed the city and university in an unfavourable light, and considering the potential for disruption, I made the decision to deny the request,’ Brennan told the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Brennan was, of course, under pressure from the local Visitors Bureau, who wanted the show to film at the university in order to boost awareness of Iowa and the school, however he still felt it necessary to ‘safeguard the reputation’ by denying Dunham and her film crew.

We cannot be sure as to what was actually in the script that made Brennan make such an unpopular choice, but we will soon find out. The fourth season comes out sometime next year. I wonder how Dunham will replace the University of Iowa – whether or not it will appear in the show but of course not on location, or whether she’ll scrap the idea as a whole. Only time will tell.

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