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feminist of the week: phyllis plant


Name: Phyllis Plant
Age: 59
Occupation: Parent Supervisor
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Describe yourself in one word

What is your feminist philosophy?
If it can be done, a woman can accomplish it. Any career can be mastered by any gender. If someone has the desire, wherewithal, determination and commitment to pursue an invocation than I certainly think that gender has no barrier there.

Why is feminism important in today’s world?
It’s just as important in today’s world as is racial equality. You always need females to know that “they can.” It’s important for females to continue to try to burst through the glass ceiling because unfortunately all too often we still do not get equal pay.

Do you think that feminism has a branding issue? If so, why and how do you suggest the movement can fix it?
I do think that feminism has a branding issue because I think it is being clouded [by] other issues of today such as the LGBT equality movement and race – which has taken a semi-back burner to the LGBT equality movement. I am not sure that I have a fix because feminism as defined in my era is being dominated by more causes as a result of global communications.

What is the most important feminist cause in your life?
Equal Pay. If we are doing the same job I know that we are supposed to get the same pay. There is no question in my mind.

Why should someone become a feminist?
You want to become a feminist in order to be able to make your own choices – whether it’s reproduction or something like if you work or not.  

When did you have your feminist awakening?
I was about 11. It didn’t take me long. I was at summer camp and some boy thought that he could throw a ball further than me. Just because he was a boy he thought he could. That long ago feminism was still new, but that’s how soon I realised. It was the tomboy in me. It was a challenge to me – it was throwing down the gauntlet. In my youth, feminism was a synonym for tomboy.

Can men be feminists?
Possibly men can embrace feminist ideas and support women in their trek to achieve reciprocity for their endeavours.

What’s your advice to other feminists?
You go girl!



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