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feminist of the week: rebecca shaw (AKA brocklesnitch)

Rebecca Shaw AKA Brocklesnitch
Age: 31
Occupation: Freelance Writer/Office Pleb/Town moron
Hometown: Brisbane

Describe yourself in one word:

What is your feminist philosophy?
I dunno, do misandry a lot I guess? No, my feminist philosophy is something that is constantly evolving as I learn more. A couple of years ago I couldn’t have told you about intersectionality, and now it is something I think is very important. But I guess basically I think that women are awesome and at the VERY LEAST should have equality in all areas.

When did you have your feminist awakening?
It was probably when I was incredibly cool, had just turned 13 years old and the No Doubt song ‘Just a Girl’ came out. ‘YEAH!’ I thought, ‘Why DO my three brothers have more freedom than me, and why CAN’T I go out when they all do. You are RIGHT, Gwen Stefani. This is bullshit. Also take that bindi off your forehead ASAP thanks.’

Why is feminism important in today’s world?
Well, because women exist and are still fucked over constantly.

What are the main challenges Australian women are facing today?
Which lipstick goes best with my summer outfit am I right ladies!!?? But for serious I think the gender pay inequality is totally unacceptable, as is the always present and ongoing disadvantages faced by indigenous women.

What does the feminist movement in Australia look like?
It looks exciting. From my position as Dumb Joke Queen of Twitter, I can look around and see a huge amount of amazing people of all ages from all different walks of life and privilege connecting and deliberating and discussing and organising. Basically they are causing trouble for the patriarchy and it’s awesome.

How has social media helped the feminist cause?
I would say social media has played an incredibly important part in helping the feminist cause. In regards to my own development as a feminist, it has been vital. Being constantly exposed to different ideas and arguments (oh so many arguments) has ensured I’m constantly rethinking my point of view and learning.

What role has feminism played in transforming advertising and media and what is the next step?
I think it has helped with accountability, but I would like to see focus on fighting for representation of other groups in media.

Do you think that feminism has a branding issue? If so, why and how do you suggest the movement can fix it?
I’m not sure it has a branding issue as much as it has an “ignorant idiots refusing to learn what feminism is” issue. When you have celebrities like Kelly Clarkson coming out in recent WEEKS in this year of our lord 2013 saying that they aren’t feminists, because it is ‘too strong’, I have to imagine that those people are never going to be engaged with feminism. There is no excuse for that ignorance at this point. Also personally I kind of wish the stereotypes were true. There aren’t enough hairy man-hating lesbians for me to meet and touch as is.

What is the most important feminist cause in your life?
There is no single Important Feminist Cause. The most important thing for me as a feminist is making sure that I personally am constantly learning and evolving to make sure that I am not left behind nor leave anyone behind. Also obviously making every person in the world know women can be funny by being hilarious at all times.

What does the future of feminism look like?
It lies in social media, and the connection of women around the world. It lies in the young women who are engaging with feminism and complex ideas.

What’s your advice to other feminists?
I can’t really give advice, except to say keep it up! Also, I think sometimes the harsh nature of the online debate lends itself to coming down too hard on people who may be connected and interested in the ideas of feminism. People who want to do the right thing, but misspeak or are perhaps ill-informed in an area and so are dismissed immediately by the community. I think we would change more minds and hearts if we gave people a chance to learn and engage. Also please come visit me so we can drink tequila and hug.

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