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i can’t put a ring on it

This past week I was in Melbourne for my birthday. I was staying right in the CBD, so a great deal of shops were easily accessible to me. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much walking around and exploring. It was lots of fun.

I am a little embarrassed at how much I spent though. The guilty part of me feels bad for it, despite the fact the vast majority of my purchases were vintage (does that offset any money spending at all? Maybe?). I know it’s not just me that feels guilty for spending my own money. I am supposed to be saving right now, but I have a bit of a disposable income as well, so I’ve been going on little spending sprees from time to time.

I initially thought there wouldn’t be all that much for me in Melbourne to buy, except for things at larger department stores or places like Dream Diva. Turns out, I was wrong. I was especially surprised to find myself buying vintage clothing, not just accessories. I guess it proves the old adage of: try stuff on. You never know. Of course, I do have the privilege of being on the smaller side of fat and having a body shape that is relatively in proportion. Those who don’t and aren’t, can’t just “try stuff on” and I recognise that entirely.

While there, for fun, I thought I’d walk into a designer shop. Full of Australian designers, it was one of those very sparsely decorated shops with low lighting, designed to make a customer feel unwelcome. That might just be me and my insecurities. I was originally drawn to how each item of clothing was colour coded (it appeals to my sense of organisation), but then I came across a gorgeous oversized ring. I looked at the sales assistant looking at me and decided to be brave and ask to try it on. To my surprise, she was lovely and friendly. I’ll try and be less judgemental in the future in regards to sales assistants in designer shops.

Unfortunately, the ring in the largest size was coming no where near my knuckle, let alone on my finger. This meant I didn’t spend money I couldn’t afford to on a costume jewellery purchase, but also meant that the ring in the largest size didn’t fit me. I was a little upset. I got down on myself for my “freakish” fingers. I didn’t remind myself that it wasn’t the issue of my fingers, or even an issue with the designer, really. I’m not going to petition them to make larger ring sizes, but I will spend my dollars where the accessories at least fit me. And I did. I went into a vintage shop and found an adjustable, amazing cocktail ring. And bought it. Happily. Without guilt. I’d prefer to put my money where my mouth is.

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