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I have to admit that I actually really enjoy watching the Next Top Model series. I have no preference for country or people, but simply enjoy the amazing lengths of creativity that are gone to in order to produce interesting photos and the journey the models take.

So there I was, watching America’s Next Top Model late last night while crocheting up a few baby hats, and in the middle of the deliciously addictive bickering and bitchiness of almost-grotesquely-skinny girls against each other, a thought occurred to me.

As one of the girls told the judging panel about the extra two hours she had stayed up (despite only having 4 hours of sleep anyway) to practice her Spanish lines for the task they had just completed, the other girls ridiculed her about showing off.

It made me think, where is the line between being confident, taking pride in your work and sharing that information with the people that can ‘make or break’ you, and being a snooty, ignorant and selfish cow. Because in my view she had every right to tell them about her extra effort, and for her it paid off.

I think it’s very likely that perhaps the other girls were jealous about her success. Which brings me to my next point. Why is it, that in a world of women rising up to success and equality that women still continue to discourage and put down other women and their efforts to fulfill their dreams?

Shouldn’t it be apparent that we as women, are doing more harm then good with the bitchiness that we project onto one another?

Why do we feel the need to cut down other women when they feel confident, beautiful, attractive, strong or anything else that may be misinterpreted as intimidating?

So I’d like to set you a goal for the rest of the year and beyond, to think of women not simply as competitors but fellow beings fighting for the same rights, respect and success as you. Perhaps throw a compliment to someone you might pass at the bus stop everyday or tell your bestie that you’re proud of her for simply being her (or him). Find the best in someone and tell them why it’s so. Tell someone how much you appreciate their differences or strike up a conversation with a stranger on the train. Who knows what you’ll discover!

We need all the support we can get and amongst all of the challenges that women face today, there’s no need for unnecessary criticism from other women.

Let’s take a united step forward as women in a world of equals and share the success of being accepted for who we are. Be proud of yourself.

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