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Wednesday 8 May 2013
Health News

in brief: irish prime minister rebuffs catholic church’s abortion reform threats

Amy Nicholls-Diver
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Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has brushed off threats from the Catholic Church regarding the country’s plans for abortion reform. Politicians who support the upcoming legislation have been threatened with excommunication. The proposed bill would legalise abortion in situations when the pregnant woman’s life was in danger. Legislators stress the bill clarifies rather than changes…
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Tuesday 22 January 2013

family first to introduce a foetal homicide bill in south australia

Kaylia Payne
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Another potential blow for women’s rights was announced last week with Family First MP Robert Brokenshire set to introduce a bill on foetal homicide to the South Australia Parliament, with hopes of making the legislation national. Brokenshire wishes to see those who cause the death of a foetus through assault or negligent driving charged with…
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Friday 16 November 2012
Featured Opinion

this is what happens when women are denied abortions

Josephine Mandarano

Sometimes, horrible things happen. And it goes without saying that sometimes, horrible things happen to women. Some happen close to home, others do not, but the good ol’ Internet has a habit of delivering the horrible news to my inbox every day. The Internet is sneaky like that. Wednesday morning was no different and I…
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