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Monday 17 March 2014

in brief: anne summers offers “a few words of advice” to feminist wunderkind, tony abbott

Josephine Mandarano
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High-profile writer and feminist, Anne Summers has dutifully “congratulated” our PM Tony Abbott on his recent conversion to feminism and his adoption of ‘the principles of equality of the sexes’ – but not before offering him some advice ‘on how to ensure his government and polices are, in fact, feminist.’ In the Sydney Morning Herald,…
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Wednesday 2 October 2013
featured Opinion Politics

julia gillard and anne summers in conversation

Veronica Sullivan

When feminist author Anne Summers announced she would be conducting two events in conversation with Julia Gillard, one commenter responded, ‘this will sell out faster than a Pink concert!’ They were right. In a testament to the deep esteem in which many Australians hold Gillard, both events sold out within hours. Since losing office, Julia…
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Monday 16 September 2013
Featured Feminism Opinion

feminist of the week: anne summers

Junene Taylor
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Name:  Anne Summers Age:  68 Occupation:  Writer and publisher Hometown:  Sydney Describe yourself in one word: Adventurous What is your feminist philosophy? I believe that women should be free to play an equal part in all aspects of our society, and should be given the same opportunities and rewards (pay, honours, etc) as men. Simple,…
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Thursday 25 April 2013
Culture Featured

i got loud, and i loved it: a review of Vocal Majority’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’ conference

lip magazine
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‘When I was asked to come and be a keynote speaker for the first conference held by Vocal Majority, an organisation that champions the rights of women, I thought: thank God you’re here, it’s about time.’ Thus spoke Anne Summers at the commencement of ‘Let’s Get Loud: Gender, Politics, ACTION’, the first conference held by…
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Thursday 8 March 2012
Featured Opinion

Feminism – who’s in and who’s out?

lip magazine

Why does feminism have to be about who’s in and who’s out? Several weeks ago, Twitter and the bloggersphere were engaged in a fierce debate about whether Melinda Tankard Reist can be considered a feminist, given that she is ‘pro-life’. The discussion was spurred by an article in which Tankard Reist featured alongside other self-proclaimed…
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