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Thursday 16 February 2012

love out loud: the time i (pretty much) cheated

Dunja Kay
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Yep, it’s the week of Valentine’s Day, so I decided to get all celebratory and write two columns this week. But I still think it’s a pretty stupid occasion, even if I entirely support your decision to spend it as you will, and anecdotal experience tells me that this is a rather common sentiment. So…
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Friday 4 February 2011
Culture Featured Opinion

love out loud: attribution theory and the other woman

Dunja Kay
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Upon seeing my friend, Elizabeth Taylor, in the bathroom of a bar one Saturday evening, the girlfriend of a boy who Elizabeth Taylor had slept with remarked: ‘I wish I had a weapon.’ On the one hand, I could understand why this girl would lash out. E.T. had knowingly had sex with her boyfriend while…
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