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Wednesday 15 July 2015
Feminism Opinion

eyes on the prize: choices and feminism

Jay Ong
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The essence of feminism is clear and simple: equal political, economic and social rights among genders. A fight for equal rights across all fields, with a focus on the status of women. A fight against sexism and the objectification of women. Full stop. But alas, as with every issue open to the scrutiny of the…
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Monday 1 April 2013

girl versus five-year plan

Emma Jones

I have reached a fork in the road of my life. Unfortunately it is not a literal fork that I can plunge mercilessly into a huge bowl of pasta. It’s a metaphorical fork that forces me to make a choice. I am the worst at making choices, but funnily enough, this one’s easy. If I…
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Wednesday 15 December 2010
Culture Featured

The choice effect

Rebecca Howden
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One of the things I value most about my life is that I have options. I have the luxury of choosing what I want to do, where I want to live, who I want to date, in a way that many people around the world don’t. But the trouble with having choices is having to…
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Wednesday 10 November 2010
Culture Fashion

back to the (fashion) future

Sarah Mason
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If I had a time machine, I’d start right from the beginning and fix all of my mistakes. First, I’d get rid of the white spandex frill-necked top with the floral pastel to-the-knee denim shorts which I always wore as a set (girly pirate chic derr). I’d definitely scrap the low slung, boxer-shorts-showing baggy-jeans from…
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