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Thursday 3 July 2014
Get Involved Health

making safe sex cool again: HERO condoms partners with the australasian institute of sexual health and medicine

Bridget Conway
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Did you know that the past decade has seen rate of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) increase in Australia? Many recent studies outline the surprising numbers around the increase of HPV and HIV in young people, as well as an increase in STIs in people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, but it is difficult…
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Thursday 8 May 2014
Get Involved

hero condoms takes a shot at getting stocked in Priceline Pharmacies, and they need your help!

Bridget Conway

In the ever-present and isolating world of social media, we sometimes get caught up in our own headspaces. Don’t deny doing the typical thing, that I have often done, when receiving a Facebook event or seeing a Tweet about a not-for-profit cause or someone’s theatre show that they need you to help fund with Pozible,…
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Monday 17 December 2012
Culture Opinion

(sex)uality: condoms and dental dams – do you use them?

Sara Berndt
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Do you find it difficult to be assertive about condoms? Do you find it extremely difficult to be assertive about using condoms and dental dams when performing oral sex? Starting a new sexual relationship with anyone is fraught with a multitude of awkward questions. Are we dating? Is this causal? Are we going to have…
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