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Thursday 13 August 2015
Film Opinion

why is elle fanning playing the lead in about ray?

Cin Peeler
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Trigger warning for the trailer below: misgendering, transphobic low-level violence Next month About Ray will be released in the US, adding to the stories being told about trans folks right now – the key word being about and not by trans folks. About Ray looks like it will not only be a great film, but…
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Wednesday 4 January 2012

film review: we bought a zoo

Lachlan Aird
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I will admit, I was apprehensive to allow Visa to sponsor me to see something with such a stupid title. It sounds like one of those comedies that make me want to take money away from stupid Americans who make stupid movies (Hot Tub Time Machine? Just stop me right there). Thankfully, I was proven…
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