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Thursday 27 September 2012
Featured Opinion

should she put a ring on it?

lip magazine

This is something that has fascinated me for a short while now and I have still not come to a definite conclusion. It’s an ever-so-slightly taboo subject but I’m curious to know what others views are. Should single girls wear a ring on their ring finger? First of all, I’ve been trying to think of…
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Saturday 17 December 2011
Culture Featured

britney spears: you’ve come a long way, baby (one more time)

Dunja Kay
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There are few artists who have ever had as much attention as has Britney Spears: the woman’s been around for 13 odd years, and has had her various successes and failures on public display for our viewing pleasure. Most recently, she has gotten engaged – something we can only assume at present to be good…
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Wednesday 12 January 2011
Culture Featured

The Old Fashioned Things We Do

Erin Stewart

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about having a heterosexual, feminist relationship.  My boyfriend identifies himself as a feminist and I’m quite proud of that. It made me wonder how that might affect the practicalities of our relationship. I do believe that we have a ‘feminist relationship’ despite that we do navigate issues like ‘who…
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