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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Brisbane SlutWalk

Sonya Krzywoszyja

Slut. Just the word, written on the page like that, with no ‘connotations’ still makes me cringe. A word, used to keep women down, put them in their place, denigrate, shame. Slut. Well, no more shame. The Slutwalk is here. The Walk started in Toronto, Canada in January of 2011, because of a shocking statement…
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Monday 10 November 2008

The great myth of sluttiness

Victoria Nugent

I really don’t like the word slut, but I seem to have been hearing it everywhere lately. It started when a friend got a bit tipsy and very flirtatious with an ex of hers during a night out. He was flirting back, too. Then his girlfriend showed up. My friend later danced with another guy…
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