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Wednesday 28 March 2012

love out loud: let me count the lays

Dunja Kay
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As much as I love telling people what to do, I try to use this column to share funny and ridiculous anecdotes, and make observations about my love life and those of my friends, rather than as an instructional guide. But whether it’s because my writing this column means that people assume I have the…
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Friday 25 February 2011
Culture Music Opinion

amanda palmer is good enough

Emma Schenk
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With her recent release of “Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under”, Amanda Fucking Palmer admits to loving our country (just like Oprah Winfrey). Originally beginning her music fame with the Dresden Dolls and now a solo artist in her own right, I’ve always seen Amanda as a strong woman who has an open philosophy to life,…
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Wednesday 22 December 2010
Culture Featured Opinion

love out loud: honesty, the okay policy

Dunja Kay

Honesty. It’s what we’re told is the best policy when we’re small and unable to make independent and informed judgments. Then you get older and learn that lying often gets you out of trouble. But more importantly, it often also prevents you from hurting people you care about. Several weeks after I started seeing Dracula,…
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