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Wednesday 29 January 2014

MONA FOMA mini reviews: stiborg, astronautilus, the sun ra arkestra

Audrey K Hulm
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Striborg When attending festivals of any sort, I find it’s always important to remind yourself to keep high expectations in check. It’s really easy to fall into hyper-criticality when you’ve payed a lot of money or travelled a long way to attend a curated event. This is especially when that event is MONA FOMA, which…
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Friday 24 January 2014
Art Arts Culture Music Opinion

festival review: mona foma

Audrey K. Hulm

Mona Foma (or MOFO) is the summer art and music festival hosted by Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (better known as Mona). Held each year in January, the festival has a national reputation and is considered to be a stalwart of Tasmania’s cultural fabric. Reviewing a whole festival is a difficult task- every aspect…
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