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Saturday 14 September 2013
Arts Fashion Opinion opinion Politics

Campaigns and Couture: The political power of fashion

Isabelle Hellyer
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From Parliament to Prada or Capitol Hill to Couture, it seems like fashion couldn’t seem further away from politics. But we mustn’t forget how easily fashion can change public perception of an individual, something that is utterly crucial in the political landscape. Some would argue that the image a leader projects is more influential than…
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Tuesday 16 April 2013
Opinion Politics World

from politics to country music: a lesson in micro-aggressions

Shannon Clarke
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The reaction to President Barack Obama’s apology to Attorney General Kamala Harris has been interesting for exactly one reason: the eye-rolling on both sides. Whether one thought the apology was warranted or that it was mere pandering to reactionary feminists, the general impression surrounding the misstep was, ‘this again?’ At a fundraiser in California, Obama…
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Friday 17 February 2012
Culture Featured

the men who want obama’s job

lip magazine
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The race to become the Republican Presidential nominee is heating up in America with only four candidates left to battle it out in the remaining primaries. But who exactly are the contenders? Not much is known about these men in Australia and being a politics nerd myself, I think it is only right that I…
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