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Thursday 21 April 2016
Feminism Life Opinion

‘i can see your nipples, sweetheart’: girl vs pubescent body

Ally Melville
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I love denial. I always have. If I don’t think that anything really happened, is it really true? I blatantly ignored the fact that I got my period for the first time, to the point my mother had to convince me I had with some interesting bathroom evidence. This was made even worse by my…
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Tuesday 4 February 2014

let’s talk about sex: the Girlfriend guide to life

Bridget Conway
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Did your parents have “the talk” with you about the birds and the bees when you were younger? Did you feel comfortable approaching them about sex and questions you had about sex? If you’re like 53% of young Aussies, you probably answered ‘no’ to these questions. Girlfriend magazine recently asked 1000 of their readers if…
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