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Thursday 6 February 2014
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visiting heshima: rebuilding dignity in Kenya’s refugee women

Emma Makepeace
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I’m in Kenya for four days en-route to Malawi. Instead of heading to all of the usual tourist haunts, I’m going to Heshima Kenya to meet the young women behind a growing movement in Africa; the move to empower women to be the change Africa needs through skills training and employment in creative endeavours. Tucked…
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Friday 10 May 2013

in brief: more women and children seeking asylum in australia

Toby Newton
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New figures suggest that the proportion of families travelling to Australia by boat to seek asylum is increasing. The news comes as the federal government seeks to alleviate pressure on the overcrowded detention system by granting bridging visas to families. According to The Australian, approximately 40% of new asylum seekers are now coming as part…
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