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Thursday 8 May 2014
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hero condoms takes a shot at getting stocked in Priceline Pharmacies, and they need your help!

Bridget Conway

In the ever-present and isolating world of social media, we sometimes get caught up in our own headspaces. Don’t deny doing the typical thing, that I have often done, when receiving a Facebook event or seeing a Tweet about a not-for-profit cause or someone’s theatre show that they need you to help fund with Pozible,…
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Wednesday 22 December 2010
Art Arts Culture Featured

The Art of Being Smart: The Free Condom Project

Rebecca Howden
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If there’s a way to make safe sex seem more appealing, this might be it. The Art of Being Smart: The Free Condom Project is an initiative by Third Drawer Down, one of Fitzroy’s quietly cool treasure troves for art, oddities and ephemera, in association with the Victorian AIDS Council and Family Planning Victoria, with…
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