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Tuesday 24 September 2013
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the ladies of laneway

Marissa Paine
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This morning, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival announced their lineup for 2014, with the festival calling it their most ‘eclectic’ yet. The lineup spans genres, and includes first class hip hop, indie, electronic, rock, pop, alt and folk acts from around the world. So, in terms of supremely talented ladies, what’s on offer from Laneway? Read…
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Monday 6 May 2013

album review: savages, silence yourself

Toby Newton
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With Savages’ Silence Yourself, there is no wastage. There is no excess, nothing superfluous, nothing unnecessary. It’s obvious that this is the result of a very conscious decision. The album’s monochromatic artwork includes a passage aimed directly at the listener, demanding that they block out all the noisy distractions of the modern world and just…
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