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Monday 30 November 2015
Feminism Film Opinion

a new hope? star wars and gender

Danielle Croci

With the long-awaited new Star Wars film The Force Awakens being released next month, hopes are high that there could be improvements in Star Wars’ depiction of women. The Star Wars franchise has had issues with its lack of representation, however the portrayal of Leia Organa (most famously by Carrie Fisher) as rebellious and quick-witted…
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Friday 16 November 2012

film review: argo

lip magazine
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“Ah go fuck yourself”* This line would seem to sum up the United States’ attitude to many things in recent years – take the government/CIA’s attitude to any country that had oil/information worth exploiting (and anyone who might have gotten in the way of this) – and Hollywood’s attitude to anyone outside of Hollywood. However,…
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