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Friday 5 February 2016
Featured Life

a lament: the movement magician of second year

Carissa Lee
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I am an awkward-as-fuck baby giraffe of a human being. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable in my body, I like to think that I’m so insanely comfortable, that I forget about my surroundings, leaving me susceptible to bumping into things and tripping on uneven ground. I like to drag my feet because I love indulging in…
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Saturday 18 April 2015
Arts Fashion

and i’m feelin’ good: what fashion means to me

Jay Ong
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Some people think fashion is superficial, and something akin to an unnecessary, pointless and expensive hobby. But wait, I know what you’re thinking. How very dare they. Take my parents, for a spiffy example. To them, appearance is a matter of buying clothes to put on your body so that, simply put,  you are not naked. End…
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Wednesday 3 December 2014
Featured Life Opinion

i tried to go makeup-free for a month (and it made me feel like utter crap)

Kaylia Payne

A few months ago I decided to go sans makeup for a month in order to write an article about the experience. I had the entire piece written in my head, even before that first day of heading to work with my au naturel face on display for the world to see. In this article,…
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Wednesday 14 August 2013

memoir: talking to strangers

Kaylia Payne

I have always been painfully shy. Well, actually, that is not the entire truth. When I was a very little thing I used to love talking to strangers. I had been taught by my parents to believe that I was special and interesting, and as a result I thought that everyone would be delighted by…
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Wednesday 8 May 2013

self-esteem: it’s not just about looks

Kaylia Payne
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  Very few things get talked about more than ‘self-esteem’, or rather, the lack thereof. And after many news articles and prime-time television special reports, we are all very aware of the fact that when it comes to their looks, the majority of women (and men, I might add) are not feeling all that impressed…
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Saturday 20 April 2013
Culture Featured Life

The Body Luv Project – it’s time to love yourself!

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ATTENTION all males and females who are short, tall, fat, thin, in between size, frizzy haired, no haired, hairy legs, pimpled, wrinkled, wrinkle-free, cellulicious, bodacious, scrumptious and all or none of the above. You are beautiful, and that is all. Fuelled by an empathetic concern for the widespread negative light many people see themselves in,…
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Tuesday 23 October 2012
Culture Featured

99 tips for a better world: smile at yourself in the mirror (3 of 99)

Sarah Fortuna

This relatively new column is about the small things we can do every day to make the world a better place. Last week I talked about developing your own personal diversity strategy. The week before I talked about Fairtrade coffee. At first I didn’t think today’s topic fit so neatly into my “99 tips for…
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Thursday 18 October 2012
Featured Opinion

a leg to stand on

lip magazine
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I want to talk about legs. That’s right, those twin appendages upon which your body is perched and that, if you’re lucky, you rarely spend much time thinking about. Those fiendish little fellas have taken up so much of my brain space that I feel I must now vent. I have always had a rocky…
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Wednesday 17 October 2012

i am my own worst enemy. my weapons are self-sabotage

Sonya Krzywoszyja
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‘Are you still interested in the job?’ ‘No.’ ‘Do you still want to come out?’ ‘No.’ ‘Are you going to buy that?’ ‘No.’ Later on: WHY DID I SAY NO? If self-sabotage were a job, I’d be the CEO of the company. I can’t remember when I first became aware that I have a tendency…
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Friday 11 May 2012
Featured Get Involved

be me: a fundraising afternoon

Josephine Mandarano
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The High Tea is back and in a big way; it’s our trendy new thing to do and it’s not hard to understand why. Tea-sipping ladies wearing their Sunday best while indulging in sweet treats and juicy gossip? What’s not to love! Here’s your chance to enjoy that luxury and do something worthwhile at the…
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Wednesday 29 February 2012

lip lit: cynthia m bulik, the woman in the mirror

Jessica Barlow
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The Woman in the Mirror: How to stop confusing what you look like with who you are by Cynthia M Bulik is essential reading for any woman or young girl who isn’t satisfied with her appearance. If you feel the need to check out your reflection throughout the day, if you feel intimidated by other…
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Thursday 22 December 2011

cracking the code of confidence

Chloe Wheeler
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Dan Brown’s ability to crack a Da Vinci code may entitle him to bragging rights amongst many social circles – me on the other hand, not so much. I am a modest soul – will admit to having the mathematical aptitude of a newt, and a mechanical understanding that stops at changing a tyre. Cracking…
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