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Monday 4 May 2015
Culture Featured Opinion

the problem with being obsessed with ourself[ies]

Gabriella Borter
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‘Here, let me hold it – my arm is longer than yours.’ Three grinning faces crowd together at the bottom of the screen, the angle tilted just enough so that the majestic Eiffel Tower looms above their floating heads in the background. Kccch goes the simulated sound of the shutter opening and closing. Kccch. Kccch….
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Tuesday 21 May 2013
Culture Life Opinion

is it ok: to photograph absolutely everything?

Elizabeth Flux
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In 2000 my class went on a school camp to Ballarat and we were given a list detailing the clothes to bring, the lollies to leave at home, and what other items were either required, allowed or forbidden. The list was long and strangely specific when it came to clothing, but somewhere in between Driza-Bone…
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